The State of New Mexico is really the determining factor as they require shuttles that operate to have a separate area and 6 feet from passengers. Right now, any person coming into NM must quarantine for 14 days. We are discussing with the state what other options exist. Hopefully, a vaccine will be around and the nation will be on a path for control, otherwise, we have to be a no-go. Our insurance won’t allow us to run.

Big thanks to the Continental Divide Trail Coalition for leading the way through these tough times. Just like the trail, we must adapt to move forward. Let’s see what happens!

Camp Crazy Cook

Located in Lordsburg, it’s the closest town to the Crazy Cook Monument, the start of the Continental Divide Trail. It’s a place for hikers to gather before they start, to make sure they are prepared, share information, and ready themselves for the trail ahead.

Night Before Your Start Date

Arrive via Amtrak, Greyhound, etc.
Walk to Our Basecamp in Lordsburg
Meet Camp Staff and Other Hikers
Enjoy Socially-Distanced Camping
Quiet Hours Start @ 10pm

Morning of Your Start Date

Wake Up Call & Coffee @ 5am
Leave Camp Crazy Cook @ 6am
Short Break in Hachita at @ 7am
Short Break at Cache Box 1 @ 8am
Arrive at Monument @ 9am

Free Camping Forever!

Hike back into Lordsburg and you’ll have a place to camp. Get injured or sick? Need to bail?  Waiting it out? We got you!

Water Caches Included!

All Five Caches! Each hiker gets 2 gallons of water per cache. In the desert, we suggest drinking at least 2 gallons of water per day.

Fuel Canisters Available!

We have 4oz canisters, the small ones at basecamp for $5 each. Let us know ahead of time if you would like one.

“Highly recommended” by THE TREK

Hey Hiker Trash!

Love thru-hiking? Miss your trail family? Just want to give back?
Help hikers get the best start on the Continental Divide.
Become a Crazy Cook Camp Counselor!